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Silver tourism in Navarre: the feel-good experience

Make the most of your experience.

Take a look at what Navarre has in store for you:

  • Couple in the crypt of the Monastery of Leyre Slow-cooked plans for a stress-free trip

    Slow-cooked plans for a stress-free trip

  • Hotel room Top quality establishments for luxurious experiences

    Top quality establishments for luxurious experiences

  • Woman relaxing in the pool of a spa A safe environment for a healthy experience

    A safe environment for a healthy experience

Cuisine with its own personalit

No trip would be complete without visits to the most famous restaurants, steak houses and cider houses and places serving up km 0 local produce. Thankfully, their cuisine has several common denominators:

  • Excellent ingredients

  • Respect for seasonality, that magical time when the products are at their very best.

  • The personality of the person making the dish as care and infinite creativity are always on the menu.

No prizes for guessing the stars of the show: vegetables, excellent meat and fish, cheese, wine and cider, that all make the very best travelling companions.

There is so much to taste, but also to experience, because leisure and gastrostomy go hand in hand.

Take a look at everything on offer:

Containers with olive oil
  • Navarre Wine Route

    Let’s start with Navarrese vintages. You should know by now that you can smell and taste wine in practically every corner of Navarre. The Navarre Wine Route offers you a sensory, cultural and gastronomical trip through its exquisite wines and spectacular wineries brimming with history and know-how in natural spots surrounded by culture.

    Along the way, you’ll be welcomed not only into the best wineries but also a selection of agro-stores, accommodation, restaurants and activity companies.

    Discover the Navarre Wine Route
  • Gastro-activities

    The Kingdom of Navarre serves up a wide variety of gastro-activities to present the tastiest products in the land: Navarrese vegetables, truffles, honey, wild mushrooms, pintxos, olive oil...

    See all the gastro-activities
  • Try the star dish from each area

    Red peppers stuffed with cod, artichokes with ham, potxas (white beans) with clams, fried txistorra, Navarrese trout, roast Navarrese veal, cod ajoarriero are just some of the dishes that you can try in our restaurants.

    We will tell you all about our cuisine below, including what to eat in each zone, our Protected Designation of Origin products and the different types of restaurants on offer.

    We’ve laid a place for you at our table...

    All about Navarrese cuisine
Facade and garden of a rural house

Accommodation in the Kingdom of Navarre

When we tell you that you’re going to feel like a king or a queen, we really mean it.

Navarre has an excellent range of hotels, featuring 4- and 5-star establishments that take care of every last detail.

High quality accommodation that you are going to find wherever you go: built-up areas where you can soak up the bustle of the towns, or peaceful places to escape the crowds, close to all the spots you don’t want to miss and more rural areas.

And for this latter option, look at everything we’ve got in store:

  • Reckrea: Rural Hotels of Navarre

    The options for rural accommodation in Navarre are myriad, but if you really want to stay at one of those small, off-the-beaten-track hotels that nevertheless cover every detail, let yourself be seduced by one of the Rural Hotels of Navarre.

    This is a small association of rural hotels where friendly service and absolute respect for the environment oozes from every nook and cranny.

    See the Rural Hotels of Navarre
  • Nobles del Reyno Hotels

    Exclusivity in hotel form.

    In short, this is what makes the Nobles del Reyno Hotels so special. A meticulous selection of charming hotels dotted over the Northern and Central Zone of Navarre.

    They all have one thing in common: very special settings.

    See the Noble Hotels from the Kingdom of Navarre

Other accommodation ideas in Navarre

Furthermore, if you like to take care of yourself on your trips and you’re seeking peace and well-being, take a look at the Wellness tourism page brimming with other tempting ideas.

Trail walking

Trail walking in Navarre is something special.

A countryside of contrasts that changes with every step you take, with scenery that is so varied that you get the impression that you've travelled thousands of kilometres.

The well-maintained trails will lead you to delightful villages, allowing you to completely switch off and to get back to basics.

Because these trails have this special something that is difficult to explain. A combination of nature and peace, which is really good for your health.

Group hiking in the forest

You simply need to decide which trail to take:

nice rail trails, trails alongside rivers that take you to the river source, others that go round reservoirs, paths that take you into the depths of the woodland or those that lead you to some stunning viewpoints...

and if you like the philosophy of Nordic walking, then we can offer you a number of centres located all oooooooover Navarre.

It's a difficult choice, isn't it?

I want to do trail walking in Navarre

More nature activities

To complete your programme of activities during your stay, here are a few ideas that you are bound to love:

Cultural heritage: a stroll back through history

Discover the city walls and medieval neighbourhoods of Pamplona, the cathedral in Tudela and its melting pot of cultures, the monuments throughout Estella-Lizarra, the beautiful medieval villages of Ujué, Puente la Reina or Gallipienzo, monasteries, our castles and fortresses, the Collegiate Church of Orreaga/Roncesvalles and many other Romanesque and Gothic monuments handed down to us by the Way of St James.

All this —and more— is there to be discovered in the Kingdom of Navarre, off your own back or through one of its fascinating guided tours.

And you will see that each place that you visit, each part of the Kingdom of Navarre that you pass through, is brimming with history, bearing the footprint of the most important western civilisations over thousands of years.

Navarre proudly and carefully presents this rich cultural heritage for what it is—a real treasure.

Listen to your experience

Navarre is a destination where you can enjoy the good things in life. Staying in a hotel where silence reigns, tasting the most exquisite delicacies and taking care of yourself like never before is really just the beginning.

Because this can be followed by a brilliant show on some of the main Navarrese cultural stages, such as the Gayarre Theatre, Navarra Arena or the Baluarte Auditorium.

All this without forgetting the calendar of traditional festivals that Navarre celebrates over the year.

You’ll see that Navarre has so much to offer and, if you were doubting it, here’s another taster:

Calendar of festivals, shows and dates of interest

Discover the essentials in Navarre

  • Couple contemplating the Bertiz Park Nature


    Lose yourself in a thousand-year-old beech forest, stare deeply into the bluest water you’ve ever seen in a river or wonder at the emptiness of a desert landscape. You have all this, and more, in Navarre.

  • Dessert plate Gastronomy


    Trying a few pintxos that you won’t find at home, tasting a rosé at the perfect time or savouring the most authentic dishes from Navarrese cuisine...How long as it been since you treated yourself?

  • Aerial view of Santa Maria de Eunate Culture


    Romanesque architecture is overflowing in Navarre. Churches, convents, collegiate churches and historical town centres right out of medieval legends. Navarrese personality can only be revealed by discovering its history and it’s anything but boring.